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Investment Management

Having the correct tailored investment strategy, along with an understanding of your willingness to take risks when you are investing, is crucial to ensure your chance of meeting those lifestyle goals.


Investment management services

We provide a comprehensive service providing you with a review of your current investments and advising you on the best investment options available to you.


Investment review

Have you accumulated a portfolio of savings, investments or Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)?


Has it been some time since these have been reviewed? Have you tried to manage the investments yourself and now don’t have the time to monitor them or are concerned that you are doing things wrong?


HOW copperstone CAN HELP

We understand the importance of investing your money wisely. Sometimes the smallest adjustments can make the biggest differences in your investment returns.


Copperstone offers an investment portfolio review service where we will analyse your existing investment portfolio and make recommendations (if required) on how the investments can work better for you based on your objectives, goals and needs.


The most important considerations when constructing an investment portfolio are listed below:

  • Are your investments being held in the correct tax wrappers?
  • Are there any tax wrappers or allowances you are not using but should consider or utilise?
  • Are your investments held by the right individual – i.e. should your spouse hold them for tax savings?
  • Is my investment portfolio tailored to the level of risk that I am willing to take?
  • Is my portfolio being regularly rebalanced to ensure that the agreed level or risk does not exceed the amount I am willing to take?
  • Have I diversified my investment portfolio across a number of different investments? (this does not mean spreading the investments over different product providers, which is the misconception by most private investors, but spreading the investments over different asset classes, sectors and geographical areas)
  • Have I considered sheltering my investments from inheritance tax?
  • Are my investments being regularly reviewed and changed to keep pace with any changes in legislation, the economy or the performance in the underlying investments?


The last bullet point is arguably the most important aspect of investment planning. A good investment strategy can quickly fall apart if it is not regularly reviewed to keep it on track.


Our review service will help you understand the answers to some of the above questions. If you would like to discuss this further with us please get in touch.

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